Telescope Proposal


The University of Athens Observatory accepts applications from faculty members, postdoc, graduate and undergraduate students at University of Athens, who wishes to use the telescope and available instrumentation for astronomical research observations. Applications are also accepted from researches in other institutes, who actively collaborate with University of Athens faculty members. To apply for telescope time on the UOAO telescope the potential observer must submit a telescope proposal to the UOAO Telescope Allocation Committee (TAC), which evaluates the proposals and approves the final observing schedule.

Electronic submission of the proposal is required. This involves uploading your files in LaTeX version of the proposal form, as well as the processed pdf file, by sending an email at with the title "Telescope Proposal". Make sure to download the current LaTeX proposal template (UOAO_telescope_proposal.tex) and style files (epsf.sty, psfig.sty, uoao.sty). These are required to produce the pdf file that is uploaded for the electronic submission. Using an older version of the templates may result in your proposal not being processed correctly.

All necessary files can be found here. The macros psfig.sty and epsf.sty can be also obtained at and respectively.

Applicants are required to consult the relevant instrument page when preparing their proposals.

Usually, telescope proposals include photometry, astrometry or spectroscopy of stars, which can be performed easily with the telescopes and facilities at UOAO, or perform solar, planetary or deep sky imaging for research purposes in the optical range of electromagnetic spectrum.

Additional Guidelines for Submission

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