UOAO Observing Team


The UOAO Observing Team working on research topics in the field of Observational Astrophysics under the supervision and guidance of Dr. K. Gazeas. The team consists mainly of students of the Department of Physics who are interested in astronomical observation, optical instrumentation and research in Observational Astrophysics.

The Research at the University of Athens Observatory covers a wide range of astrophysical applications, mainly in the visual wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum. The systematic observations with telescopes in Greece and abroad began in 2012. The valuable contribution of each member of the team has contributed to the creation of a united and productive team, a fact as seen from published research papers in international peer-reviewed journals.

In parallel with the research activity, the UOAO Observing Team organizes educational Workshops, which cover the basic astronomical techniques applied in Observational Astrophysics. Such techniques are photometry, spectroscopy, astrometry, etc.

To date, the published papers that have emerged from students who were or are still active members of the UOAO Observing Team are the following:

A) Number of publications of the UOAO ObservingTeam depending on the category of student:

Publications with PhD students:

  • Georgia Loukaidou: MNRAS (1), CoSka (1)
  • Sophie Palafouta: MNRAS (1), A&A (1)
  • Daniel Pienkowksi: A&A (1)

  • Publications with MSc students:

  • Sophie Palafouta: AcA (1), CoSka (1), IBVS (1)
  • Georgia Loukaidou: IBVS (3)

  • Publications with graduate students:

  • Maria Petropoulou: IBVS (4)
  • Efsevia Karampotsiou: IBVS (6)
  • Lefteris Tzouganatos: Nature (1), A&A (1) and IBVS (2)
  • Elena Christopoulou: IBVS (1)
  • Maria Dervou: IBVS (1)
  • Vasiliki Bakogianni: IBVS (1)

  • B) Number of publications of the UOAO Observing Team depending on the impact factor of the journal:

  • Nature: (1)
  • A&A: (3)
  • MNRAS: (1)
  • AcA: (1)
  • CoSka: (2)
  • IBVS: (8)
  • -----------------------

    TOTAL: (16)

    C) List of publications with the participation of students of the UOAO Observing Team:

  • Gazeas, K, Loukaidou, G. Niarchos, P, Palafouta, S., Athanasopoulos, D., Liakos, A., Zola, S., Essam A., and Hakala, P., 2021, MNRAS, 502, 2879
  • Zasche, P.; Henzl, Z.; Lehmann, H.; Pepper, J.; Powell, B. P.; Kostov, V. B.; Barclay, T.; Wolf, M.; Kucakova, H.; Uhlar, R.; Masek, M.; Palafouta, S.; Gazeas, K.; Stassun, K. G.; Gaudi, B. S.; Rodriguez, J. E.; Stevens, D. J., "CzeV1731: The unique doubly eclipsing quadruple system", 2020, A&A, 642, 63
  • Pienkowski, D.; Galan, C.; Tomov, T.; Gazeas, K.; Wychudzki, P.; Mikolajewski, M.; Kubicki, D.; Staels, B.; Zola, S.; et al., "International observational campaign of the 2014 eclipse of EE Cephei", 2020, A&A, 639, 23
  • Palafouta, S.; Gazeas, K., "Temporal evolution of the magnetically active eclipsing binary DV Psc", 2020, CoSka, 50, 521P, 2020/03
  • Loukaidou, G.; Gazeas, K., "Evolution of low mass contact binaries close to the orbital period cut-off", 2020, CoSka, 50, 461L, 2020/03
  • Gazeas, K.; Palafouta, S., "DV Psc: A Magnetically Active Hierarchical Triple System", 2019, AcA, 69, 261G, 2019/09
  • Meza, E.; Sicardy, B.; Assafin, M.; Ortiz, J. L.; Bertrand, T.; Lellouch, E.; Desmars, J.; Forget, F.; Berard, D.; (Gazeas, K.; Tzouganatos, L. as coauthors), "Lower atmosphere and pressure evolution on Pluto from ground-based stellar occultations, 1988-2016", 2019, A&A, 625A, 42M, 2019/05
  • Loukaidou, G.; Gazeas, K., "114 Minima timings of ultra-short orbital period eclipsing binaries", 2018, IBVS, 6237, 1, L2018/02
  • Ortiz, J. L.; Santos-Sanz, P.; Sicardy, B.; Benedetti-Rossi, G.; Berard, D.; Morales, N.; Duffard, R.; Braga-Ribas, F., (Gazeas, K.; Tzouganatos, L. as coauthors), "The size, shape, density and ring of the dwarf planet Haumea from a stellar occultation", 2017, Nature, 550, 219O
  • Palafouta, S.; Gazeas, K.; Christopoulou, E.; Bakogianni, V.; Dervou, M.; Loukaidou, G., "120 Minima timings of eclipsing binaries", 2017, IBVS, 6218, 1P
  • Gazeas, K.; Loukaidou, G.; Tzouganatos, L.; Karampotsiou, E.; Petropoulou, M., "110 Minima timings of ultra-short orbital period eclipsing binaries", 2017, IBVS, 6217, 1G
  • Tzouganatos, L.; Gazeas, K.; Karampotsiou, E.; Petropoulou, M., "107 minima timings of eclipsing binaries", 2016, IBVS 6165, 1
  • Karampotsiou, E.; Gazeas, K.; Petropoulou, M.; Tzouganatos, L., "106 minima timings of eclipsing binaries", 2016, IBVS 6158, 1
  • Petropoulou, M.; Gazeas, K.; Tzouganatos, L.; Karampotsiou, E., "110 minima timings of eclipsing binaries", 2015, IBVS 6153, 1
  • Karampotsiou, E.; Gazeas, K., "Reports on New Discoveries", 2015, IBVS 6200, 7
  • Gazeas, K.; Karampotsiou, E., "Reports on New Discoveries", 2015, IBVS 6200, 6

  • A list of scientific publications, extracted after the use of astronomical observations, which were carried out with the available instrumentation at the University of Athens Observatory, can be found here: (Publications)

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