Observation of planet Venus during inferior conjunction

Planet Venus was at inferior conjunction with the Sun and Earth during the first days on 2022. The celestial observers had the chance to watch a thin crescent of Venus even with a small telescope during the day!

The telescope at UOAO captured the thin crescent of Venus duringt the day, when the planet was at its closest apparent distance from the Sun.

The apparent distance between Venus and Sun was almost 4 degrees, making such a photo increadibly difficult!

Partial Solar Eclipse - 21 June 2020

On Sunday 21 June 2020 a partial solar eclipse will be visible from Greece and it will last 1 h and 22 min. The most important timings are:

  • Athens (Obscuration: 11%):
  • Start: 07:49 am
  • Maximum: 08:28 am
  • End: 09:11 am

ATTENTION: One sould NEVER observe the Sun with naked eye. Observations of the Sun through a telescope, as well as with any other optical aid (binoculars, lenses, photographic cameras), should always be done with caution, using special filters.

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