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University of Athens Observatory Postal address

University of Athens Observatory
Section of Astrophysics, Astronomy and Mechanics
Department of Physics
National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
University Campus, GR-157 84 Zografos
Athens, Greece
Coordinates: 37°58'06.8"N 23°47'00.1"E (37.968561, 23.783368)

Altitude: 250 m

e-mail address:
Tel.: +30 2107276715, Fax: +30 2107276853

Director: Prof. Ioannis A. Daglis,
Tel.: +30 2107276857, Fax: +30 2107276853

Observatory operator and corresponding contact: Dr. Kosmas Gazeas,
Tel.: +30 2107276892, Fax: +30 2107276853

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The University of Athens Observatory is located on the roof of Physics Department at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (green dot on the map below).

It can be accessed by car, through the 3 gates of the University Campus (red dots on the map below). One gate is at Kaisariani (Ethn. Antistaseos Ave), one at Zografos (Grig. Kousidi. Str.) and one at Ilisia (this is the main gate at Oulof Palme Str). The gates are open every working day (Monday-Friday) during the hours: 07:00-09:30 and 14:30-17:00, while the main gate at Ilisia remains open (need ID to enter) during all the rest hours of the day, weekends and holidays.

Pedestrians can enter the University Campus in several ways, through the small pedestrian gates all around the Campus.

Public Transportation can be also used to reach the University Campus. Buses 608 and 230 reach the north gate at Zografos (Terminal stop at Zografos cemetery), while buses 220, 221 and 235 reach the same area of Zografos, very close to the terminal stop. Bus 250 runs frequently between Evanggelismos Station and University Campus and E90 runs between Pireus and University Campus. They both enter the Campus and they stop in front of the Physics Department only during the working days.

University Campus map.

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