World Space Week 2015 - 4 October 2015


The University of Athens Observatory organized on Sunday 4 October 2015 a series of events, as part of the World Space Week celebration. The events took place at the Section of Astrophysics, Astronomy and Mechanics of the Department of Physics. The activities were planned and organized under the guidance and supervision of faculty members Ioannis A. Daglis (Professor in Astrophysics) and Kosmas Gazeas (Lecturer in Astrophysics), with the valuable contribution of undergraduate and graduate students. The event was a great success, as the turnout of visitors exceeded 200 persons. The events consisted of:

The night continued observing the International Space Station, which passed almost right above the University of Athens Observatory, giving all attendees a spectacular sight. The evening ended with a tour at the telescope and dome, observation of the night sky and presentation of the telescope's operation. Some snapshots of the event follow below.

The success of the event was primarily due to the devoted efforts of the following students: S. Boula, E. Chrysafeli, D. Kantzas, D. Liggri, G. Loukaidou, Th. Pailas, N. Moutsouroufi, S. Karampotsiou, K. Linardou, L. Tzouganatos.

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